I'm a generalist designer with 7+ years of experience working in startups & big companies. I adapt well to diverse environments and am driven by real and meaningful challenges.

Currently building the future of healthcare in Brazil as Staff Product Designer at Melvi.

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Melvi is a promising new startup in Brazil that aims to improve the health of underserved communities by providing affordable healthcare solutions. As the lead designer on the team, I am responsible for overseeing the branding and the development of the company's first product.


#1 Challenge

Build the most loved brand in health.

#2 Challenge

Make ridiculously easy to find and get same-day healthcare.


Nubank - Path to Credit

Nubank is the leading financial technology company in Latin America and the largest independent neobank in the world, with more than 35 million clients.

As product designer responsible for the underserved segment my role was to build the product vision of Path to Credit Program.

Some Results:

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I've been working on Mapfry as a side project since 2020. Mapfry is a B2C-focused SaaS tool for geo-marketing.


Create a new way of telling stories on maps, through a geomarketing tool.


C6 Bank

C6 Bank is a new digital bank in Brazil. Founded in 2018, the bank has a portfolio of more than 5 financial products and has more than 20 million customers.

As the first product designer on the checking account team, my role was to build, test, and validate the first version of the account product.


Some Results:


Create an account product that would act as a hub and connect to other financial products.

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© 2023 - Iougo Huan

© 2023 - Iougo Huan